Educational Excursion

It is a regular feature and every year Class V and XI Students avail this opportunity. The distance and places of excursion depends on the fund and strength of the students. For the last few years Class Vth students were taken around the Darjeeling town and Class XI students went for Gangtok, Kalimpong Science Centre, and Siliguri etc.

Hostel Activities

Initially, the school was only boarding but now we have day scholars also, Boarding capacity is 270 to 282 students who are being accommodated in four dormitories, two each for boys and girls, Separate activities viz, daily, monthly and annually are conducted under the supervision of hostel staff headed by the Rector, The School has a dispensary with a staff nurse, There is also a Religious and Cultural Teacher to look after the spiritual and moral aspects of the students,

Morning Assembly

School gives special emphasis and has projected day wise programme as:

  • Every Monday : Two Minute Medication followed by other activities.
  • First Monday : Teachers’ talk on various values.
  • Second Monday : Identification of Areas where more efforts and care are required.
  • Third Monday : Talks on Tibetan Culture by Teachers/ Guest Speakers.
  • Fourth Monday :  Identification of Common errors committed by the students in English Conversation.
  • Tuesday : Presentation of Activities by different Classes in turn.
  • Wednesday : Mass PT Drill
  • Thursday : Book Review Presentation by Students.
  • Friday : Presentation of Activities by different Classes in turn.
  • Saturday : Community and School Songs.

These activities give opportunity to the students to enable them to identify their talent and also make the assembly educative and informative.

Annual Day

This is an eagerly awaited day on which about 200 good performers in academic and CCA programme are awarded. It is also yet another occasion on which students could show variety of their talent. The function continuous for about 3 hours.


Important festivals of both Tibetan and Indian are being celebrated with variety of programmes. This is another occasion on which students could show.

Academic and Audit Inspection

Headquarter conducts annual academic inspection by panel members consisting of Education Officer of CTSA and DOE and local academicians focusing on ability or efficiency of individual teacher and overall standard of the School. Suitable and required remedial suggestions are brought to the notice of each teacher. Similarly school face two different audit inspection externally by A.G. Kolkata and internal by CTSA Audit Team.