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CST, Darjeeling is ideally located in the vagaries of Nature where the visitors/ tourists can enjoy the scenic splendour and Sylvan beauty of Nature. The lush green tall trees around the campus stand like sentinels and guard the school. The snow-capped Kanchanjunga is the center of attraction for all viewers. Besides, the Tea-Gardens and Toy-Train add to its beauty. The enthralling  atmosphere  of the school mesmerize the parents, the students and the teachers to work with dogged-determination.

Message from the Principal

Dear Technocrats

It is true to say that today technology is really a part and parcel of life. Without having its knowledge, the individual becomes quite helpless and so feels a bit low on various occasions. Hon’ble PM has also inspired the youth for using technology as it is the need of the hour. We can call India a ‘Digital India’ when every citizen of the country will be able to use technology. This will certainly help us in maintaining pace with the other developed countries. The website of the school is also a small step in this direction. Efforts have been made to make it dynamic for bringing dynamism in the chores of life and in scholastic pursuits.

Being fully inspired by the Hon’ble  Sh. N. Modi –PM and also by the Hon’ble Director and EO’s of the CTSA-Delhi, CST-Darjeeling has started looking at the world through technology and so there is a tremendous improvement. I too motivate my school children to strengthen their knowledge, catching latest technology to go global .

So, Tweet, SMS, Send & Receive Mails, Browse Websites and use Power Point for making the life style flamboyant and easy. I wish all of you a very brilliant future in the years to come.



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